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GenreNon-verbal performance
LocationFantastick Theater
Performance timeTue–Sun 20:00
Ticket PriceR seat : 50,000won
S seat : 30,000won

Performance in Brief

The Ghost String Family is wandering the highest heaven because they tore the Holy Drum of Heaven. The family’s greatest desire is to conduct a piece of 100-point music.
If they compose perfect 100-point music, they will be human beings again. 
However, the Ghost Family needs the help of the Percussion Family to make 100-point music… But, the two families are embroiled in a bitter feud.
The String Family tries to steal a secret book away from the Percussion Family to compose a piece of perfect music.
However, while live musical confrontation erupts, beautiful love still blossoms between the two families.

While the fate of the families remains uncertain, it is assured that Fanta-Stick will present a 100-point performance. But, that assurance should only encourage you to come and judge its value for yourself.





  • Seodaemun station (Line 5) : Between exit 5 and 6



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