Genre Non-verbal performance
Duration Open-run
Location Gaon Hall at Myungbo Art Hall
Cho-dong, Jung-Gu, Seoul
Performance time

Closed on Wed

Mon-Tue, Thu - Sat 16:00, 20:00 

Sun & holidays 16:00

Ticket Price R seat: 50,000won
S seat: 40,000won
Homepage http://www.drumcat.co.kr/Eng/Index.asp


Performance in Brief
Cat has been a favorite motif of shows so far, since it has an appealing image as a mysterious and lofty creature. However, DRUMCAT wants to present a new angle of cats. Not only their fascinating external appearance, but also internal aspects and emotions of cats will be depicted as a bash of sticks and well-fitted choreography.

Many other percussion performances seem to be dull, since they are made of only drumming. However, DRUMCAT overcomes this drawback by combining percussion instruments with classical and techno music. Plus, each chapter of performance will entertain your eyes and ears with jaw-dropping sticks twirl and ingenious showmanship of performers, so you will lose track of time for entire show

Power Dance No one can deny the power of heart-beating drum sound. This instinctively fascinating beat will open the show as if it sets off a firework.

Speed Drum Cat Splendid sticks twirling, a hit of snare drums, and timely ringing cymbals will get you into thunderous speedy movements of DRUMCAT.

Space cat Feel and be into rhythms! You will have an illusion that you are surrendered by Amazon of Greece. You can not take your eyes off from their captivating drumming and dance in this speedy and vigorous piece

Sexy title Rock-techno music arranged for drumming, well-choreographed stage, marvelous sticks twirl, and charismatic performers in skin-tight cat suits will remind you of a troupe of Charlie’s Angels. 

Wild Swing A swirl of thunderous and breathtaking drumming that seemed to never stop is coming to an end with a finale of Wild Swing.

Free your soul!! Tremendous drumming and Dance! Once you’re into their energy and passion, you will be a big fan of DRUMCAT!



  • Euljiro 3(sam)-ga Station (Line 2 and 3) : Exit 8 → Go straight 30 meters 
  • Chungmuro Station (Line 3 and 4) : Exit 7 → 100 meters