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GenreKorean Traditional Performance
DurationOpen Run
LocationJeongdong Theater (Seoul)
Performance time

Open Run(Permanent Performance) 4pm/8pm | 80Minutes
 *No Performances on Monday 

Ticket Price

VIP seat: 60,000won

R seat : 50,000won
S seat : 40,000won



Performance in Brief

A Must-See Traditional Performance of Korea

YOULL : 律>:A Korean word that means “beautiful smile” 

Production Style Changes from Dramatizing Korean Traditional Novels to Creating an Original Performance

“Emotions From Korea”: Delivering Korean Sentiments to the Audience

Performance Summary

#1. Genre: Heroic Fantasy

Harmony of Game-style Story and Dynamic Korean Traditional Expressions

#2. Traditional Element: Pansori

YOULL, a Hero’s Life as Told by a Storyteller 

#3. Characters

Korean Sentiments Expressed with Korean Traditional Characters

Korean traditional characters reborn from long-forgotten folktales and myths

Pure Korean names for realizing Korean unique characters


Gaon, the Center of the World, Comes to Open the Beginning of the World!

The Light Rages, and the Wind Dances!

The Drama Begins with Gaon, the One and Only Hero!

Once upon a time, King Baengmireu  and his daughter Choa lived a peaceful life, enjoying the people’s respect, in the heavenly paradise of Mirinae. When a huge festival opened in Mirinae, the devil from the underground world attacked King Baengmireu in an attempt to dominate the whole world with his dark power. After King Baengmireu’s death, the world was covered in darkness. The day when black rain fell, Gaon, a boy from Mirinae, lost his brother Raon and vowed to take his revenge for his country and his family. On the other hand, Mongni, the half-human, half-god magician of the devil, foretold that Gaon would be a threat to the dark side and hatched a wicked plot..




  • Seodaemun Station (Line 5) : Exit 5 toward “Kyunghyang Shinmun”
  • Gwanghwamun Station (Line 5) : Exit 5 toward “Doksu Elementary School”
  • City Hall Station (Line 2) : Exit 12 toward “Chongdong Theater”
  • City Hall Station (Line 2) : Exit 1 toward “Chongdong Theater”