main2.JPG Genre Non-Verbal Performance
Duration Open Run
Location Sachoom exclusive theatre
Performance time Mon-Fri 20:00
Sat 16:00, 19:30
Sun & National Holidays: 16:00
Ticket Price 50,000won


Performance in Brief

This coming-of-age story centers on three friends: Jun, Sun and Bin, and transitions through the different stages of their life. The Audience will undoubtedly relate some of their personal experiences to some of the scenes portrayed and given the emphasis on interaction; audience members should feel free to react. The performance is non-verbal and the language that the performers use is the universal language, dance.
Sharp physical expressions of birth are combined with brilliant visual images.
Precise timing and coordination creates the image of flying lanterns.
Mesmerizing dance enraptures the audience in breathless intensity.
The performance allows the audience to identify with the heroic qualities of the characters, often ascending to a crescendo of swaying arms among the audience.
Performers showcase their talent and technique during the highlight of the show.
After the conflict is resolved, vibrant music and dancing draws the audience into the show. 




  • Jongno3-ga Station (Line 5) : Exit 5
  • Jongak Station (Line 1) : Exit 3
  • Anguk Station (Line 3) : Exit 4