A combination ticket, sold from April 4, is now valid fare on both the Airport Railroad that runs 

from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station and on the Seoul metropolitan subway system.

People who travel from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station using the express train can now also use Seoul’s subway system without having to purchase an additional transit card.

The Airport Railroad (AREX) has announced that a combination ticket that can be used on both the airport railroad, which bridges Incheon Airport and Seoul Station, and on Seoul’s subway system, will be available from April 1. 

This will allow tourists that arrive at Incheon International Airport to travel to Seoul Station and transfer to subway line No. 1 or line No. 4 by simply passing through the turnstile with their combination ticket, without having to buy an additional transit card.

The combination ticket is a single-use ticket for the express train that brings people from the airport to Seoul Station, and it also covers the subway fare from Seoul Station to their destination. It can be bought at the Incheon International Airport train station. 

A deposit of KRW 500 is charged for the combination ticket, like other single-use subway cards. The deposit is returned by using the refund machine at their destination.

Please note, however, that Seoul metropolitan subway stations do not sell the new combination ticket. To transfer from Seoul Station subway line no. 1 or no. 4 to the airport railroad, a ticket must be bought separately from the customer information center in the transfer passageway. 

“Every year, more than 3 million non-Korean tourists take the express train with designated seats,” said an AREX official.

“Because the seat number is printed on the receipt, it must be kept with the combination ticket before arriving at Seoul Station,” he said.