These days, many people use beauty packs to care for their skin. Some people may believe that packs are solely for facial skin care, but nowadays we can find a variety of items designed for various other parts of the body.

Beauty packs enable us take care of the whole body -- from head to toe -- with features ranging from exfoliating, moisturizing and nourishing all the way to even fat loss effects thanks to heat massages.

Everybody loves to have shiny, healthy hair. However, frequent coloring, perms or using a hair dryer can cause hair damage. For this reason, some people take extra care by purchasing expensive hair care products for their looks. If this is the case, a hair pack can help.

Hair packs are usually composed of two parts: the hair treatment element and a head-shaped cap. To use it, one needs to shampoo their hair and apply the hair treatment to partially dried hair before putting the cap on their head. Some products come with a cap that contains the hair treatment inside. Users then need to massage their head for about 20 minutes after putting on the hair beauty pack, and then wash their hair with warm water. By using these packs once or twice a week, users can have healthier, shiner hair.


Hair packs help users maintain healthy and shiny hair, especially for those who have damaged their hair due to coloring, perms or frequent use of hair dryers.

Many people also take extra care of their hands and feet, as well as their hair.

Finger-shaped packs can be used by those who have dried or chapped fingers and finger nails, or who have fingers with untidy cuticles. Using such a finger pack is easy. Put a finger-shaped pack on each of finger and then wait for about ten to 15 minutes. These packs contain nourishing and moisturizing elements that moisturize the fingers and make the nails firmer. While using the finger packs, users can still use their smartphone or do other activities.

Hand or feet packs are good for those who want to have soft and healthy hands and feet. These packs are used on dried hands and feet. After putting on the pack, they need to wait about 15 or 20 minutes. By massaging the pack, they can feel the heat inside, which helps them relieve stress and to relax. Ingredients such as royal jelly and lanolin make the skin softer. Some foot packs have an exfoliating effect, too. When applying the pack, the ingredients help to peel away dead skin cells from the surface of the feet without pain. By using these packs, people can have softer, healthier feet.


With moisturizing, nourishing or exfoliating effects, hand, feet and finger packs can help beauty-conscious users have softer and healthier hands and feet, just like those of a baby. Finger packs are best used just before painting your nails.

Due to the hot summer weather, many people reveal more body parts when wearing swim suits or short-sleeved clothes. Body parts such as the abdomen, stomach or thighs can be issues for some people, as these areas are susceptible to fat build up. In this case, special sheet packs can help. Body massage packs give a quasi massage and have fat loss effects thanks to the heat they give off. Ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen, coffee extract and extract of the Garcinia cambogia fruit also give off heat which can help resolve body fat issues, helping people have a softer and slimmer body. 

Other useful sheet packs designed for the nose and eyes all have good effects and are available at affordable prices. Nose packs remove blackheads from the surface of the nose, and clean and "tighten" the pores. Eye packs are good at reducing "fluffiness" or the bags that can be found under the eyes.


Packs are designed for the nose and eyes.

By Yoon Sojung Staff Writer