They are high quality and are sold at decent prices. There's a wide range of products on offer and they have great packaging. For all those reasons, Korean cosmetics are much loved by Chinese consumers who tend to have similar skin tones to their Korean counterparts and who tend to follow every Korean celebrity's newest makeup style. 

Korean cosmetics have been one of the "must try" items for Chinese women, and there is now another brand of cosmetic to be added to their "must try" list: Oull. Launched only last year in October, this new cosmetic brand has already achieved outstanding sales of KRW 2.3 billion. 

20151015_oull_01.jpg Ten cosmetic manufacturers from Incheon collaborated to found the new cosmetic brand Oull. In less than a year, Oull has sold more than KRW 2 billion worth of cosmetic.

This rapidly growing newcomer in the über-competitive cosmetic sector was launched by a collaboration of ten cosmetic manufacturers from Incheon. The name "Oull" comes from a Korean word meaning "harmonized." Incheon City provided support for the manufacturing, quality control, marketing and distribution of the new cosmetics. Oull's growth is one successful example of the collaboration possible between Korean cosmetic manufacturers' manufacturing skills and the City of Incheon's marketing support and brand management ability. 

20151015_oull_02.jpg Oull has a wide range of skincare products, from whitening to lifting agents.

Securing the top manufacturing skills from among the collaborating companies, Oull now has a wide range of product lines from whitening and lifting agents through to a cosmetic line for men. Most of the products have generally gotten balanced reviews, but some of the most popular are products that contain elements of red ginseng and extracts from other medicinal herbs. Such quasi-medicinal makeups have seen higher sales than other products, Oull said. 

Oull says it has focused so far on setting up new business, and that it aims to secure a wider customer base going forward. The company hopes to land in the Philippines in November and Singapore in December, and Oull plans to expand its product line to include a wider range of makeups and to spread its overseas reach to markets elsewhere in Asia and the Middle East.