The region of Hansan-myeon is famous for producing ramie, one of the world’s oldest fabric crops. The Hansan Mosi Cultural Festival celebrates the high quality, luxury clothing that is produced from ramie fabric and which receives wide acclaim.

Many people journey to this festival to see the beautiful clothes on display. One of the main events is a fashion show, and visitors will also have the opportunity to try on some of the clothes and even try out the fabric weaving process.

The ramie crop is also used in making food, and at the festival visitors can try rice cakes, ice cream, tea and other refreshments all made from ramie. A must visit festival for all shopping and food aficionados.

  • Date : Jun. 04, 2011 - Jun. 06, 2011
  • Venue: Chungcheongnam-do Seocheon-gun Hansan-myeon /Hansan Ramie Fabric Hall
  • Transportation: From Yongsan Station, take a train to Seocheon (5:40am-8:35pm/est. travel time of 3hrs) or take a cross-country bus (6:40am-5:15pm / est. travel time of 4hrs) to Seocheon from the Seoul Nambu Terminal.