Korea is the second-most innovative country in the world according to Bloomberg Businessweek. In its annual Global Innovative Index, a list of the 50 most innovative countries, Korea gave away the top spot to the U.S.

130214_korea_innovation.jpgKorea ranks second out of 50 countries on Bloomberg’s annual Global Innovative Index.

The Innovative Index for each country is evaluated based on seven factors: R&D intensity, productivity, high-tech density, researcher concentration, manufacturing capability, education level, and patent activity.

Korea, which stood at third place last year, climbed one notch. Korea was ranked first in patent activity and was in the top quarter in the categories of productivity, education level, and R&D intensity. However, the country lagged behind in productivity, only taking 32nd place.

The U.S. jumped up to the first spot from seventh, possibly due to its outstanding results in high-tech density. Japan and Singapore were the only other Asian countries in the top ten, taking sixth and seventh place respectively.
[source: Korea.net]