Seoul City is running “tailored Korean classes” for foreigners residing in the capital.

The language classes are available at 14 centers run by Seoul City that include the Seoul Global Center, Global Village Center and Seoul City Migrants Center. The classes, which last from three months to six months, are quite popular among foreigners as they provide tailored lectures that reflect students’ overall skill and the nature of their stay here.


Those who know little to nothing about the Korean language can start with a beginner’s course. Mothers and children from multicultural families can attend a storybook narration class. Tailored classes are also available for those who came to Korea to get married for and those preparing for TOPIK, the Korean language test. There is a class specifically for Mongolians as well amongst the many other tailored classes to have been opened to meet the diverse demand.

In particular, the storybook narration program offered by the Seoul Global Center is provided as two separate classes – one for mothers and the other for children. Seoul City said that it had completed talks with the related agencies to provide the three-grade storybook narration license, starting this year, to mothers who finish the 24-week course.

The class for married migrants and workers focuses on language frequently used in day-to-day life. The TOPIK class is popular especially among those foreigners seeking to land a job in Korea or join volunteer programs here.

The Korean language offered class by the Seoul Global Center will be receiving applications from Jan. 17-18. Those wishing to enroll in other classes should contact the center in charge of the relevant program.

* Government press release (January 19)

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