MEXICO CITY, Dec. 4 (Yonhap) -- This year's Korean Intangible Cultural Heritage Week will open in Mexico City to provide the locals chances to learn and enjoy Korea's traditional arts, organizers said.

The Korean Cultural Center in Mexico said on Sunday it is planning a variety of special events to mark the weeks between Dec. 5 to 23 in cooperation with the National Intangible Heritage Center and the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation.

The events are to provide education sessions on art as well as performances and exhibitions of Korea's traditional music and instruments.

While the instrument exhibition is to last throughout the whole festival, other programs will run on specific schedules.

From Monday to Wednesday will be lectures on "gugak," or Korean classical music, which will provide festival-goers the chance to learn about Korea's national sentiments through various sounds, gestures and rhythms.

On Tuesday will be a speech concert themed "The Ten Riddles of Arirang," where local Mexican supporters of the Korean embassy's national promotion business will get a chance to meet Korea's eminent music critic Yoon Jung-kang as the orator, and listen to various versions of the Korean folk song Arirang as well as Mexican songs played with Korean instruments.

There will be a special performance at the Metropolitan theater on Thursday. Titled "Korea Shim Cheong," the new take on one of Korea's most representative folk tales "Shim Cheong, the Devoted Daughter" will be put on by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation's arts crew.

The show, divided into two sessions, will feature Korea's master traditional musicians including gugak critic "Won Jang Hyun" as its first part, and a fusion drama that combines a pansori epic chant -- Korea's traditional music genre of storytelling -- with a theater play enhanced by holographic projections in the second part.


A poster for the 2016 Korean Intangible Heritage Week provided by the Korean Cultural Center in Mexico (Yonhap)