The Seoul Pungmul (Folk Flea) Market, a representative pungmul market (folk flea market) in Korea, is held on the last Saturday of every month. During market hours, a diversity of interesting programs are up and running, including the ‘Children’s Flea Market’ (where children can exchange secondhand goods) and the ‘Traditional Cultural Experience Program’ (where visitors can make Hahoe masks and other crafts).

The weekend market also consists of the ‘Civic Pungmul Market,’ where anything can be traded except for live animals or pirated CDs, and the ‘Flea Market for Foreigners,’ where internationals in Korea may come and sell goods. Goods can be crafts or secondhand items and are usually as diverse as the seller’s themselves.

Those wishing to sell goods at the marketplace must visit the Seoul Global Center website (see link below) to fill out the appropriate form. The first 20 completed forms submitted to organizers via email will be eligible for participation in the upcoming market (slated for April 30th).


[Source: Korea.net]