Dream Forest

No matter how freezing it the night may be, Seoul parks have been attracting the crowds to see their mesmerizing and colorful lights. Seoul City have introduced parks boasting such great night views that citizens and foreign travelers alike have been drawn to them.

Located in Beon-dong, Gangbuk-gu, the Dream Forest guarantees beautiful night views replete with various type of lighting spread out across the park. In particular, the night landscape unfolding around its observatory and the Art Center buildings is quite beautiful. Such facilities as a Chinese restaurant, and other cultural activities, are also available during the night.

World Cup Park, Seoul Forest

The square before the Art Center building was home to unique Christmas trees that were installed last year by industrial designer and Professor Lee Sang-jin. Ten five-meter red Christmas trees, decorated with plastic baskets, bottles and other daily goods, illuminated the whole square and gave it a sense of comforting warmth even on the most frigid winter night.

In Seoul Forest, located in Seongsu-dong, Seongdong-gu, white rabbits and snow laden trees greet visitors. The colorfully lit sculptures standing before the information office have also proved popular with visitors.

The World Cup Park in Sangam-dong has been catching the eye of many a motorist with its beautifully lit bridge that extends to the Haneul Park.

* Government press release (January 17)

[Source : Korea.net]