3.jpg   The 2011 Hi Seoul Festival (sponsored by Seoul and the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture) is one of the main festivals of Seoul. This year, the event takes place in the spring from May 5 to May 10 and is held along the famed Hangang River (Yeouido, Banpo, and Seonyudo areas) and in downtown Seoul.

The 2011 festival theme is “Nonverbal Performance,” offering a wide array of cultural and art programs. Visitors will have a chance to view countless exhibits and participate in numerous experience programs.

※ ‘Nonverbal Performance’ refers to performances using gestures, beats, or sounds that people can easily understand regardless of their language, age, or race.






* Opening Performance: Opening Gala
* Closing Performance: Jamsugyo without Cars
* Eve of the Festival: Art Fireworks
* Nonverbal Performances: performances

   by invited Korean and international artists
* Special Programs:

   Oh! Nonverbal (2010 Nonverbal Contest

   and 2010 Nonverbal Experience Program),

   Jazz in Seonyudo, and more



  • Date : May. 05, 2011 - May. 10, 2011
  • Venue: Hangang Park (Yeoui, Banpo, Ttukseom, Nanji), Gwanghwmun Square, and downtown Seoul
  • Transportation: Located just outside of Exit #2 and 3 of Yeoinaru Station (Subway Line 5).
  • Contact: +82-2-1330