To make it more convenient for foreigners to use local buses, Busan City installed local bus routes in three foreign languages (English, Chinese and Japanese) at 20 bus stops near major tourist attractions from December 23, 2010.

The following bus stops – by major tourist attractions, metro stations, the inter-city bus terminal, the coastal passenger ferry terminal, universities, traditional markets and department stores - are now included on the bus route board in three foreign languages (English, Chinese and Japanese) as well as in Korean. Therefore, foreign tourists and foreign residents can now use Busan’s public transport more easily than ever.

Busan City has successfully completed various transport projects including the installation of LED destination announcement boards on all local buses, closed-circuit television (CCTV) in local buses, bus information terminals (BIT) at bus stops, and the upgrading of the express bus fleet. In addition, this year, the city will expand the public transport projects by upgrading the local buses, installing information monitors on the local buses and improving the design of village/neighborhood buses.

A city official said, “We plan to expand the bus route service in foreign languages and to improve the other services, to provide foreign tourists and residents with a more convenient public transport experience.”

※ 20 stations: Nampo-dong PIFF Square, Coastal Passenger Terminal, Busan-jin Fire Station, Busan Station, Jagalchi Metro Station, Bujeon Metro Station, Judies Taehwa Seomyeon, Beomeosa Metro Station, Samjeong Green Apt., Gupo Metro Station, Haeundae Beach, Centum City / BEXCO Metro Station, Haeundae Station, Shinsaegae Centum City, Busan Centra l Bus Terminal, Busan City Hall, Sasang Inter-City Bus Terminal, Gwangan Metro Station, Lotte Department Store, Busan District Court·Busan District Prosecutors' Office

* Government press release (January 19)

[Source : Korea.net]