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Presidential Council on National Branding and Hyundai Motor Company are seeking applications for the New ThinkingNew Korea, 'Korea Brand Expedition.'


This project entails traveling a region in South Korea with an international group of friends for four days and producing creative works on the subjects that are inspired from the trip. During the trip, participants will spread their works through online tools and help international audiences discover new aspects of Korea.


  1. Program Summary

○ Title : New ThinkingNew Korea; Korea, on the road - Travel, enjoy and taste Korea!

○ Host: Presidential Council on National Branding, Hyundai Motor Company

○ Size: 180 Koreans and foreigners aged 18 and older, living in and outside Korea

○ Activities

[Preparatory work] Attend orientations and workshops on content creation in August;

    get instructions on content production, establish travel and exploration plans within each group

    and create plans for the content


[Exploration] Spend three nights, four days in September or October depending on the region

     and explore the area according to the plan


[Content publicizing] Turn the experience of the exploration into a creative work during the

     travel and post the work on one's blogs, SNS as well as on the council's blog,

     or Hyundai Motor's web site to attract wider readers


○ Regional exploration schedule

Exploring Seoul Gyeonggi region: Sept. 20 (Tue) ~ Sept. 23 (Fri)

Exploring Chungcheong region: Sept. 27 (Tue) ~ Sept. 30 (Fri)

Exploring Yeongnam region: Oct. 4 (Tue) ~ Oct. 7 (Fri)

Exploring Gangwon region: Oct. 11 (Tue) ~ Oct. 14 (Fri)

Exploring Jeju region: Oct. 18 (Tue) ~ Oct. 21 (Fri)

Exploring Honam region: Oct. 25 (Tue) ~ Oct. 28 (Fri)

○ Benefits to participants

Expenses for 3 nights, 4 days exploration including lodging, transportation and food.

Awards for selected creative works (Presidential Council on National Branding

Prize, Hyundai Motor Prize)

A certificate from Presidential Council on National Branding prooving the participation in the program

Small payment for content creation


2. Admission Process


1) Admission Schedule


○ Program notice and application acceptance period: July 5, 2011 (Tue) ~ July 31  (Sun)

○ Interview candidate announcement: August 4 (Thu)

○ Interview: August 9 (Tue) - 10 (Wed)

○ Successful Candidate Announcement: August 12 (Fri)

* Successful candidates will be contacted individually and results will be posted on

○ Welcoming ceremony: August (Location to be announced later)


2) Qualifications


○ People who have interests in discovering the unknown aspects of Korea and have passion

   about publicizing them overseas.

○ People who can actively carry out online activities to promote national brand and enhance

   national image of Korea

○ People who can unearth stories that could fascinate global audiences and present them

   through creative work.