CNN Travel has Korea in sixth place among the world’s coolest countries in its July 12 article, calling Koreans 'the best drinking buddies in the world.' (CNN Travel)

By Sohn JiAe

CNN Travel, a website that gives you tips for your trips around the world, has chosen Korea as the sixth coolest nation in the world, among 14 countries.

In a July 12 article titled “The World’s Coolest Nationalities: where do you rank?” the website put Korea in sixth place, saying, “Koreans may be the best drinking buddies in the world.” 

“They are ever-ready to drink all comers under the table with their never-ending rounds of soju-whiskey bombs,” it wrote.

The article also called Koreans the "reigning leaders of nearly all current Asian pop culture trends -- in music, fashion, film, Koreans dominate.” 

It named director Park Chan-wook, who has produced rave-reviewed films, including the thrillers “Oldboy” (2003) and "The Handmaiden” (2016), as an “icon of cool,” while saying that “kimchi breath is not so cool.” 

Brazil topped the chart, followed by Singapore, Jamaica, Mongolia, the U.S., Korea, Spain, Japan, Botswana, China, Australia, Nepal, Belgium and, finally, Turkey. 

* The article can be read at the link below.