• VIPs and celebrities from in a variety of fields invited to the opening
  • Featuring the first multi-media show in Korea with the theme of Gyeongju Tower

    A fest of culture to establish Korea as a leading country in culture and send out
    messages to the nation to stand together


  • Date: Aug. 11, 2011 (Thu) 19:00
  • Site: Baeggyeol Art Hall
  • Guests: approx. 2,000

    Total number of invited people: 3,200 (300 VIPs and 2,900 citizens)


  • Welcome Reception (Convention Hall, Bomun Complex)
  • Pre-dinner Shows
    • Promotion Video Run: Promotion video of 2011 Gyeongju World Culture Expo
    • Celebration performance by the contenders in World Dance Festival and foreign performers
  • Official Events

    Opening/ Salutes to the National Flag / Opening Speech / Congratulatory Speeches / Opening Announcement / Celebration Performances / Closing

  • Event Tour: 3D Stereographic Videos / Theme Exhibition Halls