The National Gugak Center's weekly Saturday performances have been upgraded to include a more varied and compelling repertoire, and rightfully renamed Saturday Premium Performances. The first, third and fifth week will present a comprehensive overview of Korean performing arts for beginners, with iconic performances, like samulnori (four instruments), pansori (traditional singing), and janggu (hourglass drum) dance. The second week will be reserved for performances by distinguished musicians, and the fourth week highlights culturally vital rituals and arts. Foreigner-friendly and dedicated to the preservation of Korean heritage, the Saturday Premium Performances is your gateway to Korean culture. 

bullet08.gif Event Period : Every Saturday, 4pm
bullet08.gif Venue : Umyeondong, National Gugak Center
bullet08.gif Transportation : Metro line 3 Nambu Bus Terminal Station
bullet08.gif Contact(TEL/website) : 02 580 3300,