1.jpg Kimchi, the mildly alcoholic makgeoli rice beverage, mixed rice with vegetables and meat, bibimbap, bowls overflowing with cooked rice, gobongbap, fried chicken and beer and even the scooters used to deliver all these food items to your home. All of these are on display at the special "Korean Culture Beyond the Recipe" exhibit, scheduled from August 1 to October 3 at the KF Gallery in Seoul.

This exhibit is designed to highlight modern society by showing what people actually eat and enjoy. By doing so, it focuses on helping people feel empathy for their fellow man, jeong (정, 情), and on community, in which is embedded our food culture.

WhenAug. 1 - Oct. 3
LocationKF Gallery
TransportationSubway line no. 2 Euljiro-3ga Station, exit 1
Contact(TEL/FAX/Email)02 2046 8500