Many countries around the world have their own table manners. Korea is no exception. Many of the customs that Korea has are somewhat universal, but there are some table manners that are unique to Korea. Here are 12 essential table manners you need to know when dining with Koreans.



1. Koreans usually use a spoon to eat rice. Other side dishes, however, are eaten with chopsticks.
2. Chew food with your closed mouth and do not make noises while chewing.
3. Do not hold the rice bowl or soup bowl in your hand during the meal.
4. Do not hold the spoon and chopsticks together in one hand. When using chopsticks, the spoon should rest on the table. Spoon and chopsticks should not be rested on any bowl or dish.
5. During a meal, inedible parts such as bones are quietly discarded by wrapping them in a tissue or paper napkin. Do not put them on the table or floor.
6. When coughing or sneezing during a meal, cover your mouth with a hand or napkin. Try not to blow your nose.
7. After a meal, put the spoon and chopsticks on the spot where they were at the beginning and put used cloth napkins on the table as they are after folding them a little bit if they are big.
8. When using a toothpick, cover your mouth with your hand.
9. When the elderly person is getting up after finishing the meal, get up together.
10. If dining on the floor, make sure you keep your socks on, and act formerly in front of older diners. Maintain a respectful (upright) posture.
11. When drinking alcohol, pour drinks for others, and receive drinks from others. In a group meal, nobody should pour their own drink. When pouring for or receiving from a much older person, hold the bottle or glass with two hands respectfully.

12.  When having a meal with the elderly, wait for them to pick up their spoon or chopsticks first.

       Younger diners should not pick up their tableware before the elders do.