Rice still remains the staple of the Korean diet, and most Koreans eat it at almost all meals. A typical meal consists of rice, some kind of soup or stew, various side dishes (mostly seasoned vegetables) and meat. Kimchi (vegetables fermented with salt and spices) is definitely the most common side dish.

Among Korean dishes, bibimbap (steamed rice mixed with vegetables), bulgogi (marinated beef) and galbi (beef or pork ribs) are the favorites of both Koreans and foreigners.

Nowadays, many Koreans are eating more and more Western, Japanese, and Chinese food, with some young people even preferring pizza over kimchi.

Western and other ethnic foods as well as fusion dishes are available in a growing number of restaurants. A wide selection of trendy restaurants can be found in areas such as Itaewon, Insa-dong and the Gangnam area.

In addition, there are many internationally known family restaurant chains such as TGIF and fast food eateries like McDonald's and Burger King.