The Closing Ceremony of the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games begins with a beautiful show of fireworks, at the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza on March 18.

The PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games finished its wonderful 10-day journey with a Closing Ceremony on the night of March 18 at the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza. 

International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Andrew Parsons said at the Closing Ceremony in Korean, “Be proud of yourself!”

The IPC president also expressed his gratitude in Korean to the athletes, family members and relatives, Paralympic Games staff, to the volunteers and to the Korean people. 

Mentioning the late physicist Stephen Hawking, Parsons said, "He urged us all to 'Look at the stars, and not at our feet.'” 

"Over the past 10 days, the stars have shone brightly here in Pyeongchang,” said Parsons. “Proud Paralympians, this is your time to be role models and catalysts for a more inclusive society.” 

“With more athletes, more countries, more media, more broadcasters and more spectators than ever before, you raised the bar for Beijing,” he said. 


President Moon Jae-in waves to the crowd during the Closing Ceremony at the PyeongChang Olympic Plaza on March 18. IPC President Andrew Parsons expressed his thanks to President Moon and first lady Kim Jung-sook who supported the athletes by visiting the event venues during the Games.

The Closing Ceremony was a party for the athletes.

The ceremony showcased a series of cultural performances themed as “We make the world move.” They featured a ballerina with hearing disability, Go Ara, a blind pianist, Kim Ye-ji, and a countertenor, Yi Hee-sang. 

The ceremony had a special performance by an art troupe where all the performers had a disability from China, the next country to host the Winter Paralympics in 2022. The Chinese art troupe’s performance was titled “2022, I Want to Fly.” 

The highlight of the ceremony was the Whang Youn Dai Achievement Award that started in Korea 30 years ago. 

Named after Dr. Whang Youn Dai, the Korean doctor who devoted her life to Paralympic sport, the award has been given at each Paralympics since the Seoul Summer Paralympics in 1988. It goes to one male and one female Paralympian who promote the spirit of courage, determination, challenge, and strong determination. In Pyeongchang, Finnish cross-country skier Sini Pyy and alpine super combined skier Adam Hall of New Zealand were the winners. 

After watching a video message of the award winners on a large screen, Whang herself appeared on stage, 30 years after the initial award. Whang met six former winners in the stadium, and she even shed some tears after receiving a special medal to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the award. 

When IPC President Andrew Parsons handed the Paralympic flag, which has been used since the 1988 Seoul Summer Paralympics, to Beijing Mayor Chen Jining, the athletes promised to meet again in China four years later. 

As the Paralympic flame died after shining for 10 days, singer Ailee and a band composed of both people with disabilities and without disabilities gave a showcase performance to complete the wonderful memories of the last night in Pyeongchang.