Korea has been selected as the most innovative country in the world.

According to Bloomberg, Korea scored a total of 92.10 points, ranking first in its Global Innovation Index, up from second place last year. The most innovative country last year, the U.S., came in third this year, after Sweden, in second place.


Korea secured the top spot in Bloomberg’s Global Innovation Index. (photo: captured image from Bloomberg)

Bloomberg’s rankings examined 215 countries and sovereign regions across seven categories: R&D intensity, productivity, high-tech density, researcher concentration, manufacturing capability, tertiary efficiency and patent activity.

Korea was in the top three in five of the categories: R&D intensity, high-tech density, manufacturing capability, tertiary efficiency and patent activity. Of those five categories, Korea was second in manufacturing capability and patent activity, giving way to China and Taiwan, respectively, and it was third in R&D intensity, high-tech density and tertiary efficiency. Korea ranked sixth in researcher concentration.


Students take a class relating to patents at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (photo: Yonhap News).

Following Korea, Sweden secured second spot in the innovation index, scoring 90.80 points. The U.S. came in third with 90.69 points. Japan and Germany followed next with 90.41 and 88.23 points respectively.

Here are this year’s winners in each category and the top ten nations in the Bloomberg innovation index.

 Top ten nations                                                                           Winners in each category

 1: Korea (92.10)                                                                            R&D Intensity: Israel 
 2: Sweden (90.80)                                                                         Productivity: Luxembourg
 3: United States (90.69)                                                                 High-Tech Density: United States
 4: Japan (90.41)                                                                            Researcher Concentration: Iceland
 5: Germany (88.23)                                                                        Manufacturing Capability: China
 6: Denmark (86.97)                                                                        Tertiary Efficiency: Canada
 7: Singapore (86.07)                                                                       Patent Activity: Taiwan
 8: Switzerland (86.02)
 9: Finland (85.86)
 10: Taiwan (83.52)

By Lee Seung-ah
Korea.net Staff Writer

[Source: korea.net]