first of all: I had a really, really good time in korea! The city, the people, the food, the weather, ... everything was just amazing!
The host family was very nice and welcomed me a lot! Unfortunately the wife and the two children left after two days, but I knew it before so it was ok. And I still had contact with her via Kakaotalk :). 
The husband was also very, very nice and tried really hard to be a good host despite the fact that he had to work and had never prepared a meal on his own ^^. But he managed to serve me a good breakfast anyhow! He also helped me a lot with getting a new sim card etc.
I explored a lot about Korean culture, but more on my own. I visited a lot of palaces, shrines, museums, etc. Mostly all by my self. But this is totally fine with me, I like it that way. But Mr Kim had some really good tips where to go. It was also very nice, that the friend of their family made a little tour with me (and my sister) and went with us to a really nice restaurant!
Your service was very great! You helped me a lot and I had always the feeling that I could ask you anything. I was amazed how fast you responded to my mails and even when I made a profile and did not start searching for a host at once. I really had the feeling to talk with real people and not just getting any standardised answers.
After all I had a great time in Korea and I am glad that I chose homestaykorea and did not just stay at an hotel!

Thanks for everything and the best regards