your service is very prompt and indeed good, 
I felt no worries at all, even it was just a few days before my trip, no inconveniences at all.

   The house is spacious, neat, tidy and very clean. Though there's no air-conditioning, 

a fan is provided but I hardly use it as there's cool breeze in the mornings and evenings. 

There's no mattress on the bed frame, just a layer of comforter which takes awhile for me to get use to, think it's the same way Korean sleeps on the floor.

   I have learnt to greet and bow to everyone we meet, just the way Korean does it, in my country we will just say "hello or hi" without bowing. At meal times, I've learnt to use the polite phrase 'Chai Mok-kay-Shumida" before I start eating. Mrs Yoo is a good cook, I was fortunate to be able to savour homecook Korean food, my favourite was "Ginseng Chicken" which I got to eat twice.

   I've stayed a total of 16 nights with the host family and they are very helpful, kind and hospitable. Though they are not able to converse fluently with me at first but later it got better as Mrs Yoo tried to learn some conversation English from me and I, too learnt some Korean phrases, we laughed alot in the process of learning. I was fortunate to be invited by her church friend to a Chinese dinner at a restaurant, there were so much food on the table and Mrs Yoo tried to tell me that one of the dish was "dog meat", I got so stunt that I told them I love dogs and would not want to eat them. Later when we got home, Mrs Yoo used her dictionary on her handphone and show the word to me, it was actually "duck meat", she had mispronounced it, we broke into tears of laughter. Mrs Yoo and husband Mr Cho remembered my birthday and they celebrated it with me, I was so touched and almost teared.
   This trip is one of my most memorable one, I've never felt so at home in a foreign country, Mrs Yoo and myself had become very good friends and I miss our time together. Sometimes, together with her husband, we would take evening walks at the beautiful and breezy Hans River Park, chatting about our family and country, it's an experience that I will never forget. "I would love to visit Korea again!"
I will definitely recommend HomestayKorea to my friends!
Have a most blessed weekend!