HomestayKorea's services are amazing! It's absolutely the most professional, legit, way to find a homestay in South Korea and have the feeling that I am safe and making a wise choice.





  The house that I stayed in was an apartment in the middle of Seoul.
It was perfect! The "ondol" floor heating system was a huge change from the traditional United States air conditioning heaters but it was very comfortable. I was supplied with my own bed, room, and closet.
The bathroom was shared with the family but there was never a problem with cleanliness. Wi-fi was also provided and dinner was amazing every night!!


  Staying with a Korean family was probably the best choice I made for my Seoul vacation.

I ate dinner every night with the family. I was taught how to make some of the dishes and learned how a typical Korean family eats dinner. (quite different from the USA dinner). Almost every night I was able to ask questions about Korean culture and learn first hand what it means to be a Korean and in turn I returned my knowledge of "American" culture.


Thank You!  

P.S:  The host I stayed with was "Minvida".  Look them up on the site!


Also I rate my host as A+, Excellent!!

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