The host was VERY kind, nice, generous, warm-hearted and provided us with a lot of help. The host made us feel like it was our second home. They brought us to Noryangjin fish market to take a look and even helped us to look for medicine when my friend was feeling unwell. Breakfast was delicious and filling. It was a satisfying trip. :-)


We explored Incheon, Busan and Seoul during our 12days. The culture is really different in the sense that there are NOT many dustbins available in Korea. When we were in Busan, the dustbins that were frequently seen were those special dustbins that can only contain food waste. Other dustbins were hard to find. In addition, we found out that many of the people are used to climbing stairs. They have a lot of stamina.


Homestay Korea's service was fantastic and they were prompt in replying to our queries. They helped us to communicate with the host which made our stay in Korea much easier.