I am very satisfied, with your service. Like the way you respond fast and with suggestions. (like the host that was closer to the metro station etc concerning our dmz tour)


We were very pleased with the host, great hospitality, nice food for dinner and even breakfast and she took her on a salsa night. Helped us with everything we needed to know about korea. She is very nice!


As we are adopted we wanted to know a couple of things and she make a couple of phonecalls for us to help. She helped us with choosing the right way to travel to pusan and showed us a night out in gangnam.


We really like korea and the dmz tour. I appreciated your help while booking through your website.

There i have a comment. Maybe it is me but i found it hard to select a host. Whenever i put in some whises it gave us nothing. so i left everything open and found one without the options the program gave me. In the end i took your suggestion.

Owja, also like the message i received if we reached the dmz tour. Very considerate.