This is my first time staying with a Korean family that we never meet before. I really like the family and on the first night we lost our way while going back home (because we alight at the wrong bus-stop), Mr Jung is so nice to pick us up from another apartment about 10 mins away. There is always food ready for us to eat anytime. My mother likes the sweet potato and my daughter likes the rice and kimchi very much. Other food supply like bread, jam, corn flakes, milk and hot beverages are also provided and we can eat them anytime we want.


Due to their work commitment, they are unable to bring us around. However, Mrs Jung will spend time talking to us at night when we come back. Even she has to work the next morning, we kept us company and chatting with us till very late (because we came home late too). 


My only "complaints" (or just a minor imperfection) is the location describe on the portal. It was stated near Gangnam Station but if we take bus # 18, it will bring us to Seonbawi Station. Not a big issue for me, but for first timer to Korea and without little Korean capability, taking a bus maybe challenging. If the location stated on the website can be more specific, it will definitely be more informative to the users.


I am very satisfied with the services provided by HomestayKorea. All enquiries were answered promptly and the representative even call me to ensure everything is in order and I know how to get to the host's place before my trip.