My host family are very good people and demonstrated genuine interest in making my stay convenient, as well as simply having me present. The apartment complex is nice, comfortable, and felt pretty secure. I can't think of anything that it lacked, even for a longer stay like mine (~11 weeks).


It was my second time visiting Korea, so there were not a large number of learning experiences for me, but participating in their home life occasionally and frequently interacting with them and their friends gave me a feel for the more authentic and daily life of a Korean. They also generously offered to take me with them in various trips to the coast on the weekend, but I declined in favor of hanging out with friends.


I found the service generally very good. As we mentioned in our meeting, the website is not perfect, and the exact process by which someone needs to request a homestay family is not entirely clear. However, these are not obstacles to using the service in my opinion.