I loved my host family and their apartment! My host family was of course busy with their own lives and schedules, but they always took the time to be sure that I was okay, ask if I wanted any help, offer food, or check to make sure I was safe and on my way home late at night. The apartment was very nice and spacious. I was given my own spacious room and closet and dresser storage as well as a desk and tv just as described on the website. The apartment building was within a large residential area of all apartments. The neighborhood was great as well, being mainly residential and having lots of schools and restaurants and marts nearby, as well as a very convenient bank! The apartment was a bit far from the subway station, but I knew this before I picked the apartment, and I knew there were buses nearby that I could take. The apartment is also solidly north of the busy and trendy areas of Seoul, but I also liked this because of the quieter residential atmosphere, and you can get anywhere in Seoul through public transportation!


I had lots of opportunities to explore Korea and learn various things about Korean culture during my stay with my host family, however I mostly went on trips with friends from the school where I studied abroad. Trips to Naksansa and Wando were organized by my school, but my friend and I went to Gwangju for a couple days because we were curious to see what other parts of Korea were like, and we organized that trip ourselves via Express Bus Terminal and Airbnb. It was definitely an interesting experience!


I was very satisfied with HomestayKorea's service! The most inconvenient thing may have been transferring money internationally through Western Union, but everything turns out well with patience!


Honestly, this trip to Korea was like a trial run for my future since I would like to live and work in Korea in the future. I wanted to see what living in Seoul was like, and whether I could challenge living and communicating in the Korean language and everything. HomestayKorea gave me a very stable base and from there I built many wonderful experiences! HomestayKorea always checked in frequently and replied promptly and I felt very well cared for. If I ever return to Korea and look for a homestay I will definitely use HomestayKorea and recommend it to my friends!


Thank you so much for all your care and everything!! :)