I've chosen the families according to the descriptive and the photos on the site. It was wonderful with each of them. 

I met people with great values. I feel that our relations will go further, than just a meeting on a trip. 

I learnt a lot, thanks to them. I've for Lee Soon Young and his wife, Kim Namchul and his wife a lot of gratitude and I wish a mutual friendship.   


Sure they have generously helped me to discover Korea, its different sites and its famous food, and almost its culture. It was a real pleasure to spend time with them.


Having traveled from Seoul to Busan with an experience in temple stay at Shineungsa and after the discovery of the east cost, (Gangneung, Jeongdongin, Gyeongju) then Daegu and its surroundings; now, I've a better knowledge of Korea. I have the desire to come back as so quickly as possible.    


I'm completely satisfied with your service; All your commitments have been respected.

For each question, you have shown reactivity and reliability. I particularly appreciated your phone call to know if everything was going well.


Thank you for your professionalism.


Best regards,


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