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114 Letter from Guest I built many wonderful experiences through HomestayKorea! - Sarah from the U.S. 54945
I loved my host family and their apartment! My host family was of course busy with their own lives and schedules, but they always took the time to be sure that I was okay, ask if I wanted any help, offer food, or check to make sure I was safe and on my...  
113 Letter from Guest My host feels like a sister to me. - Tien Chia from Malaysia 55442
My stay with Kyung-hee and family was nothing short of comfortable. They are a very lovely family. They cared for me when I wasn't feeling well and constantly made sure that I was doing and feeling okay. Kyung-hee feels like a sister to me, I truly enjoy ...  
112 Letter from Guest I have a better knowledge of Korea thanks to the families. - Patrick from France imagefile 21278
I've chosen the families according to the descriptive and the photos on the site. It was wonderful with each of them. I met people with great values. I feel that our relations will go further, than just a meeting on a trip. I learnt a lot, thanks t...  
111 Letter from Host 프랑스 자매들과 즐거운 시간 보냈습니다. imagefile 10687
적극적이고 예의있고 재미있는 분들이라 즐거운 시간 보냈습니다. 나탈리와 자매들이 묵은 방 창문 앞에 새집이 있습니다. 집 주변에 새가 많아서 땅콩을 주러 나가기도 하고 어린이집에도 데려다 주고 한복도 입어보고 저도 덩달아 재미있다를 연발했네요.  
110 Letter from Guest My homestay in Jeju was a fantastic experience. - Tobias from Germany imagefile 21834
Dear Homestay Korea, I arrived home yesterday after a wonderful time in Korea. My homestay on Jeju was a very good experience. My host, Mr. Mun, was very responsive, quickly writing emails in english with good and helpful information. His place was n...  
109 Letter from Guest I really thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Seoul. - Janabel from Singapore 54201
My host was wonderful and very easygoing. I really enjoyed staying here. I like that my host is a really good cook and the food is always delicious. My host, together with the children, also took me around Seoul and we visited various interesting pl...  
108 Letter from Host 앞으로도 외국인들에게 한국의좋은 이미지를 갖고 갈수있도록 주어진역할 imagefile 2976
앞으로도 외국인들에게 한국의좋은 이미지를 갖고 살아갈수있도록 주어진역할 열심히할게요~~ 수고하세요~^^  
107 Letter from Host 정말 즐거웠던 시간이었습니다. imagefile 16243
유OO 호스트께서 미국 학생과 함께 찍은 사진들을 보내주셨습니다.^^ 한국말 제대로 가르쳐주려다가 알고 있던 영어도 잊을뻔했습니다. 정말 즐거웠습니다.  
106 Letter from Guest We were very pleased with the host. - Kim from Netherlands 57081
I am very satisfied, with your service. Like the way you respond fast and with suggestions. (like the host that was closer to the metro station etc concerning our dmz tour) We were very pleased with the host, great hospitality, nice food for dinner a...  
105 Letter from Host 아주 편안한 동생들이나 친척,이웃같은 분위기와 즐거움 imagefile 2333
안녕하세요! 호스트 심OO입니다. 일본인 문화교류회에서 오신 여자 일본인대학생3명을 가이드및 숙박제공을하며1박을진행하였습니다. 제자신은 준비를 잘해서 최대한으로신경써서 편안하고 맛있는 한국전통식사및 차량이동,관광지방문,등을 진행하였는데 일본인 학생들께는 어떤 느낌이었는지 좋은...  

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