Dear My lovely friend MJ
Thank you makes me have wonderful  Korea trip because my homestay,
I have amazing homestay family, both of Bob and his wife of course their son gave me so much warm and happy feel.
The first day I got korea Bob pick me up and take me home to meet his family,
all of them are very kind and really nice.
After the day I had a wonderful korea style  breakfast from the homestay's supermom Juon
and Bob take me to  somewhere I really want go in Korea and sometimes I join their family trip.
At night Kim's faimly will prepare dinner for me and chat with me,
sometims I think I am their family member. Cause they are really kind and help me everything I need and want in Korea.
Mr.Kim will intorduce his friends to me .
The  supermom Juon always makes delious food for me and really take care me,it's really touch me again.
Also Mr.Kim take me to Nami island where I really want to go in Korea,
and the end he makes a DVD for me it's really touch.
Final I really love their son cause he likes play with me he's really cute and have power energy strong baby.
I love my homestya so much they are the best homestay for me :)
In Korea time with homestay is  really great time and makes me feel so much much much warm and happy.
I really want visit Korea again and also want to stay in Mr.Kim's family .
They are really kind and warm family.
Thank you MJ and Kim's family.

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