After finishing up at the school we went to go meet up with the homestay families. 

We all got split up, about two people to a house. 

I was paired with two of the Chinese girls. They were really nice, I’m glad that I was paired with them.

The ownder of the hanok we would be staying in told us to call her 김선생님 Kim seonsaengnim (Teacher Kim). She teaches gayageum (keep reading I’ll explain) and Korean traditional dance. She was really nice.  Yes, it was a little awkward, mostly because she didn’t speak English. 

The three of us girls made a good team.  One of us always new what she was talking about, so it worked out really nice. Because is does Korean traditional dance she had really beautiful hanbok that we were allowed to try on!






The dress was really long.  Gah! I need to growww!

After we finished wearing the hanbok the doorbell rang and in ran two middle school girls.

When they saw us they immediately calmed down and went to sit away from us.

The oldest one, JiWon, is a student of Teacher Kim.  That day was teacher’s day, so she came with her mom and her best friend, GaEun, to give a cake to Teacher Kim.  We all sat on the floor around the table and eat the really pretty cake.  It looked like a HUGE yodel with white frosting instead of the chocolate shell and topped with strawberries. YUM!

After cake we chatted with the girls.  I showed them my videos from AKARAKA on my camera and they said they were jealous that I was going to Dream Concert on Saturday. They were really funny.They were playing games with each other, mostly different variations of rock, paper, scissors which is VERY popular here.  Everyone does rock, paper, scissors for everything!  And they do it so fast!! I can’t keep up!!! So many variations of the game too, it’s crazy.

After they left we watched 지금은 소녀시대 (Right Now it’s Girls’ Generation) with Teacher Kim. Haha. We felt bad, but she knew that we would enjoy it because we had said earlier that we were Girls’ Generation fans.


Traditionally this would all be open, but this hanok has a glass roof over the middle so you can still go out there when it rains without getting wet.  it’s still open at the end though, so you need to close the doors at night so bugs don’t get in!


That girl on the poster is JiWon!!!!!!!


   The soup is seaweed soup and the purple stuff

    is rice! I actually like the purple rice because it

    has beans in it.

   Top: eggs. 

   Left: seaweed. 

   Middle (top to bottom): cucumber kimchi, kimchi, tofu. 

   Right (top to bottom): no idea, and no idea.

I’m really glad that I got the chance to participate in this event.  I meet some really awesome people–like Steve a.k.a Qiranger on Youtube!–and made memories that I will never forget.  I highly recommend this program to foreigners.

If you would like to participate in this program contact M.J. Ko at  Tele: 02-777-7413  E-mail: mjko AT homestaykorea DOT com

-Pack water. I was dying of thirst by the time we got to the school.
-Pack light.  You have to carry all of your luggage the entire time.  I suggest a backpack.
-Know some Korean.  It’ll be easier to communicate with your homestay family if you speak basic Korean.
-Bring your camera.  You’re going to want to take pictures of everything.  You don’t want to ever forget this experience!!!