I'm beyond satisfied with Homestay Korea's service. Bellen who I worked with in finding a homestay family was excellent, understanding, and patient. It was my first time alone studying abroad applying for homestay, so there were times when I was hesitant if I should decide to do homestay or not. However, Bellen answered all my questions as best as she could and I didn't feel like I was pressured at all. There was just great communication. She even reached out to me various times and we met in person once. Homestay Korea is personable and that's what I like about it. 

As for inconveniences, I didn't have any particular ones that I had to contact Bellen for.

My homestay family was busy with their own lives and so I didn't go to places to sightsee with them at all. Totally understandable and it's okay. I did learn about Korean culture a bit from them such as weddings, food culture, and everyday life. 

Keep up the great work! Thank you so much for giving me a great experience in Korea! :)