First of all, I had an incredible trip to Korea, and my homestay experience was partly responsible for my great experience. Thank you for all your help! Here is my (generally positive) feedback. 


The service I received was great! The email communication was efficient despite the timezone issue slowing it down, and all my questions and concerns were addressed appropriately. I would suggest, perhaps, giving applicants for homestay a choice of at least 2 possible homestays. When I was given the profile of a potential host, I didn't see any issues and so agreed with that host. I didn't see a problem with that host, and therefore had no reason to refuse the recommendation, but I think I would have liked to be given more (even just one more!) recommendation that could have fit the needs I highlighted in previous e-mails, as it probably would have made me feel more in control of my trip planning and expectations. 


The apartment I stayed at was lovely. It felt lived in and homey, which is what I was looking for in a homestay experience. It is difficult to give good critique of the accommodations because they are someone's home; and ultimately, all change is up to their needs and their lifestyle, not their guests'. For that reason, I will express satisfaction with my accommodations. The only comment I would make is that there was no shower curtain in the bathtub, which made the floor outside the tub (and sink, counter and toilet) all wet, and rather slippery. This, again, though, is a very subjective observation, as I understand that it may be a part of the host's lifestyle, and therefore may not warrant any change. 


I unfortunately did not get to socialize much with my host. I explored a lot on my own as I am a very independent and curious traveler, so I experienced a lot of Korean culture on my own. However, I will highlight that my homestay mother made traditional Korean food and was eager to share with me, which made me feel the hospitality of traditional Korean meal services. 


Overall, I am very satisfied of my travels, and very satisfied with the services offered by Homestay Korea. I think it's very organized and transparent in its procedures, and I appreciated the punctuality and dedication of everyone involved in completing my experience in Korea. 


Once again, thank you so much for all your help. You and your team were essential to making my trip a success, and I am so glad we got to work together.