The service homestay provided was very good! Even though I have to admit I find your website could be updated, I really appreciated the email contact. You were always so quick to reply and very helpful in every way. Thanks a lot for that!

Our host yh4871 was unbelievably friendly. I cannot described how much our host mother along with her husband and son made us feel at home at their place.
For me it was like coming back home to my family in Korea. Actually that was what I hoped for when choosing a homestay instead of a hotel or guesthouse. My main goal was for my 5 year old son to experience Korean family lifestyle. But I did not expect to be treated like a family member. I cannot express enough gratitude towards our lovely host and her family.

She prepared everything we needed  including an excellent breakfast, she suggested things to see and provided us with very useful information. She really went out of her way to help us. All of her family members are incredibly friendly and humorous. Just very nice people. 
I also liked the location of her home. A very quite area although close to the most important sights and very accessible if you take public transportation.
I loved everything about our stay there. Our son told me, next time he comes to Korea he would love to stay at our host family only.

I could improve my Korean while staying there. Our host mother took time to have a conversation. And as I already mentioned, my 5 year old son had the opportunity to experience Korean family life. Our host parents treated him like a grandchild, watched Korean children's channel on TV with him and talked to him in Korean, which was very good for him as a Korean language beginner.

Apart from the time at our host family we also spent some days traveling. During our travel time we stayed at a hostel and guesthouses. However since having experienced homestay at our host family, I would always prefer a homestay and will definetely recommed your service.