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Homestay Story

108 Letter from Host 프랑스 자매들과 즐거운 시간 보냈습니다. imagefile 18047
적극적이고 예의있고 재미있는 분들이라 즐거운 시간 보냈습니다. 나탈리와 자매들이 묵은 방 창문 앞에 새집이 있습니다. 집 주변에 새가 많아서 땅콩을 주러 나가기도 하고 어린이집에도 데려다 주고 한복도 입어보고 저도 덩달아 재미있다를 연발했네요.  
107 Letter from Host 외국의 아들 딸 들이 점점 느는것 같아서 뿌듯하네요. (휘경동 이 ○○ 회원님) imagefile 18042
좋은 추억거리 만들어 주셔서 감사 드려요. 홈스테이코리아의 서비스는 정말 만족합니다. 게스트와의 홈스테이를 통해 불편한점은 없었고 저희가정을 대표해서 한국 가정을 느끼고 감동 받고 기뻐하는 모습을 보았을때 정말 보람 있고 행복 했습니다. 게다가 몰랐던 일본 문화도 하나하...  
106 Letter from Guest Incredible homestay - Martee (USA) imagefile 17480
Dear Mj Ko- this is an incredible homestay. We had a wonderful time with Mr. Han and his wife. His English is good and her heart is open. The food excellent. We have traveled to the island, to a big church, to a bath room. This is a 10pl...  
105 Letter from Guest The homestay is such amazing! - David (China) 17410
Dear M.J: Thank you for your kindly help, we've arrived at China yesterday. The homestay is such amazing! Thank you for everything. Wish next time we have chance to meet you:-) Looking forward your early reply. Best regards  
104 Letter from Guest Christian family & Guest - Liz (Hong Kong) imagefile 17269
Dear Mrs. Moon and M.J., Good day to you! I've come back home safely. Really want to thank you again for your kindness and all the things you've done for me. I feel so touched... Dear Mrs. Moon, I give thanks to the Lord that He blessed me to ...  
103 Letter from Guest I was very lucky to see HomestayKorea! - Akira (Japan) 17208
Dear M.J.sama I really enjoyed Korea with my host family. My host family is very kind and familiar , I love my host family. I was very lucky to see you on HomestayKorea, because I did not have much time but you were very kind and you gave me great sup...  
102 Letter from Guest soooooo awesome family - Kenny (Swiss) 17185
Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that the last homestay family you recommended to me was soooooo awesome :) Wow, thank you for this experience... they were sooo friendly and good to me even they didn't speak really english.. haha.. so I co...  
101 Letter from Host 대만 잡지사 한국 여행 특집 '홈스테이' 촬영 (김○○ 회원님) imagefile 17090
지난 여름 대만의 한 잡지사에서 저희 홈스테이코리아 회원님 댁을 취재해 가셨답니다. 한국 여행 특집편으로 "홈스테이" 에 관한 기사를 쓰고 가셨는데요~ 김○○ 회원님 댁에서 대표로 대만 독자들에게 "한국의 홈스테이"를 소개해주셨습니다. (세계로 뻗어나가는 홈스테이코리아~ 고고씽...  
100 Letter from Guest Homestay in Sillimdong, Seoul 17048
We're Singaporean students enrolled in Seoul National University's Language program. We didn't know Korean at all but we were hoping to find an inexpensive & clean room with complete utilities & amenities near the university when we were ...  
99 Letter from Guest feel most welcome in their home. - Stewart (New Zealand) 16906
Hi MJ, I would like to thank you again for placing me with Mrs Yang & her family. They have made me feel most welcome in their home. I'm even starting to get the hang of the korean language... a little bit... :) Kind regards, Stewart.  

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