• Credit Card Payments (PAYPAL)
We accept all major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover through Paypal, a secure online payment service.
You don't need to have a PayPal account to pay but Paypal fee will be added.

  • Payment via Wire Transfers 
Fees can also be paid directly from your bank account to ours. 
To arrange a bank transfer, your bank will need this information about our bank account.

※ Account Number : 1081-900-450552
※ Bank : Woori Bank (Swift Code: HVBKKRSEXXX)
※ Branch : Seosomun Branch
※ Bank address : 55-4, Seosomun-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
※ Beneficiary : SNG United Inc. ('SNG United' is our officially registered company name)

  • Western Union 
To send money, you can use Western Union.
Once you have sent the Western Union payment, simply provide us with the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and details such as the total fees and your English name. 

 ※ Address: #41372,  Naesu-dong,  Jongno-gu, Seoul
 ※ Contact number : +82-10-5689-7411