If something goes wrong with your payment just before your arrival, or if you would like to add a service (like airport drop-off or a tour package) after you have already arrived, don't worry!  We can accept payment by cash.  We currently accept only USD and KRW for cash currencies.  Also, please note that  this option is only available for guests staying in Seoul.  Here are the conditions for accepting cash payments:

1.)  If you need to make a cash payment, you must come to our office during working hours (8am ~ 6pm) and you must schedule the payment meeting beforehand with your Guest Coordinator.  We can provide a receipt for cash payments as well.

2.)  If you can't make it to the office due to schedule conflicts, we can send a representative to come collect payment and meet you at a desired location.  However, in this case we would need to charge you a "payment pick-up" fee of $30 USD (or 30,000 KRW) in addition to the payment amount that you owe.  You must schedule this meeting beforehand with your Guest Coordinator.