1.      Homestay Placement Fee


Generally, the homestay placement fee covers 2 options of placement that suits the guest's profile as indicated in the application process.  Guests will be asked to pay another placement fee should they wish to explore other host options if the first 2 are declined by the guest for reasons other than what is specified in the guest’s profile.  Your guest coordinator is responsible for finding and selecting an appropriate screened Host for the guest using the available matching criteria.


Cancellations:  If you decide to cancel your application after a placement has been allocated, the placement fee is not refundable


2.      Lodging Fee


This is the fee paid to HomestayKorea to cover the payment of Hosts, support services and monitoring of the Homestay placement.


Before program start:

- Cancellation 30 calendar days or more before start date: 80% refund

- Cancellation less than 30 calendar days before start date: 60% refund

  In the case of guests who have paid for more than 2 months (60 nights) in advance, the refund percentages will only be applied to the first month’s lodging fee before program start.  Subsequent nights/months will be refunded at 100%


After program start:

- Cancellation or dismissal before completing 10% of the program: 50% refund 

- Cancellation or dismissal after 10% and before 30% of completing program: 30% refund

- Cancellation or dismissal after 30% of completed program: no refund


Note:  No cash refunds will be processed.


Changes to your schedule

· Once a Homestay Placement is ongoing, in order to make a change to your schedule, a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required at all times.  This notice period may not apply for study tours or special circumstances.


Giving notice:  If either party wishes to terminate the Homestay arrangement, two weeks’ notice must be given to HomestayKorea and your Homestay Host (if you are currently already staying).


3.      Airport Pick-up Fee


·  The guest is requested to contact their guest coordinator in regards to any changes to their flight information.  If this is not done and the guest has missed a flight or changed details, then they will be charged for the original pick-up service plus an additional charge for the second pickup.   If the guest contacts the HomestayKorea guest coordinator about a change in arrival at least 2 business days prior to the original flight landing, there will be no extra charge.


·  If the guest finds an alternate way to the homestay and driver has gone to the airport there will be no refund.

·  If a guest cancels an airport pick-up 3 business days or less prior to arrival, the guest will forfeit all fees paid for the service.

·  If a guest cancels airport pick-up more than 3 business days prior to arrival, there will be an 80% refund.

·  In the event of a natural disaster or circumstances affecting your flight schedule, please contact us with the delay details as soon as possible so we can react accordingly.