Please note: some hosts may be more expensive than others.  If you have questions regarding the rate of a certain host, feel free to send us an email at:

Placement fee : US$ 50 (Non-refundable) 

Lodging fee : Our rates vary in accordance with the length of your stay as follows;

First 10 days
US$ 40 / night
* Plus 50% surcharge 
  per extra person

* Breakfast is included
Next 10 days
US$ 25 / night
Additional days
US$ 20 / night

    ※ If you stay with the host for more than 2 months, monthly rates (US$ 750/month) 
       will be applied.

    ※ Korean traditional house (Hanok) would be charged more. Contact us for more information.
    ※ Additional meal : US$ 10 per meal

Airport pick-up fee 

Gimpo Int'l Airport
US$ 50
Domestic airport also
Inchon Int'l Airport
US$ 90
Toll fees included
Tour guide(With host family) : US$ 100 / day

Other Optional Service : Negotiable (available upon request) 

All fees must be paid prior to your arrival date.


Example of Calculating Your Fee
If you are staying for 15 nights with a host and you need airport pickup from Inchon Airport,
the total amount you'll have to pay is US$665 = US$50 + US$90 + ( US$40*10 + US$25*5 )
[ Placement fee US$50 + airport pickup US$90 + lodging fee US$525 for 15 nights ]. 

    ※ If you stay with the host for more than 2 months, monthly rates will be applied. 
        You may pay only for the first month's lodging fee, and pay for the next month's fee 
        on the first day of that month, and so on.

    ※ If you have more than 3 months left after making your reservation, you can just pay 
        20% of the total fees (Non refundable), and then pay 80% of the total fees when you

        have only 1 week left before the arrival date.