Special price for HomestayKorea members at Yeo Woo Rak Festival (여우락 페스티발)

Ticket : 40,000 KRW  >>>>>>>>  20,000 KRW  (50% discount for Foreigner who holding a passport and Student!!)


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Genre Non-verbal performance
Duration 2011.7.9 (Sat) ~ 2011.7.23 (Sat)
Location KB Haneul Youth Theater
Performance time

7.9 (Sat) :  3pm, 7pm

7.14 (Thu) :  7:30pm

7.16 (Sat) :  7:30pm

7.19 (Tue) :  7:30pm

7.21 (Thu) :  7:30pm

7.23 (Sat) :  3pm, 7pm

Ticket Price Original : 40,000won
Special : 20,000won (50% discount for Foreigner who holding a passport and Student!!)
Homepage www.ntok.go.kr  (Phone. 02-2280-4115) 

A frenzy where one can truly encounter Korean music, here is our music!

2011 National Theater of Korea <Yeo Woo Rak Festival> presents “Yang Bang Ean”, “Baramgot”, “GongMyoung”, “Dulsori” and “TORI Ensemble” which is widely acclaimed in the rapidly changing world music market as Korean sounds.

They are Korea’s representative group, pondering on the path our music should take in this era, and steadily following the path they have discovered. It will be a valuable time to hear the proud sounds that have already been recognized around the world.



How was it possible for music based on traditional Korean music to succeed in foreign markets? The biggest reason is that people abroad held no prejudices towards our Korean music and accepted it as it is.

When they first come across Korean music, foreigners are first enraptured with the sounds and beats, then surprised at the diverse repertoire. It follows the simple truth that “one will listen to good music.”  If we ourselves were to get rid of all prejudices that may exist, we too will be able to hear our music of the times.



Another noteworthy event of this festival is the jam concert (jam: improvised) on July 23th, the last day of the festival. The different groups with each of their unique styles will perform 10 songs at this very first jam concert of Korean World Music.



1. A crossover musician of crossing boundaries & genre

   Yang Bang Ean(Ryo Kunihiko) 7.9(Sat) / 3pm, 7pm


2. Korean music ensemble

   Baramgot  7.14(Thu) / 7:30pm


3. World Music Group representing Korea!

   GongMyoung  7.16(Sat) / 7:30pm


4. 50 countries world tour, blowing the world music into the Korean Wave

   Dulsori  7.19(Tue) / 7:30pm   


5. Seek a new sound and harmonize with world music

   TORI Ensemble  7.21(Thu) / 7:30pm


6. All the groups together! 

Joint Performance! 

   Jam Concert  7.23(Sat) / 3pm, 7pm


Package Information

Limited offer of 50 per performance / Special gift to be collected on the day of the performance.(Prepare all of team Special CD or DVD except Yang Bang Ean).

*There is a complementary gift for package purchases.


Package Title



Only One Package

1 individual concert ticket

+ 1 jam concert ticket

+ 1 performance program

80,000 ->56,000won

Unique Package

2 individual concert tickets

+ 1 jam concert ticket

+ 1 special gift

120,000 ->72,000won



4 individual concert tickets

+ 1 jam concert ticket

+ 1 performance program

+ 2 special gifts

240,000 ->120,000won