GenreNon-Verbal Performance
DurationOpen Run

Hongdae Wedding Theater (Hongdae Yellow stone bldg.)

Performance time

Mon-Sun 20:00

Sat. 17:00, 20:00

Sun. 17:00

Ticket Price

V seat : 60,000won

S seat : 50,000won

A seat : 40,000won






Point. 1  80 minutes Full Live Actor-Music Show

  • Multi-player who are acting, singing, dancing and even playing!
  • The instrument! A newly formatted show youve never seen before!
  • Fascinating Live show of talented Actor-musicians!

Point. 2  Music Party on stage with 23kinds of instruments!

  • Guitar, Drums and Piano are just basic in this show.
  • Over 23 kinds of instruments such as Marimba, Contrabass, Saxophone and even glasses with water will captivate your eyes and ears!

Point. 3  Stage with 23 Kinds of instruments!

  • A dazzling stage with 30,000 pcs of LED Lights!
  • High-tech stage system executed automation mechanism


The beautiful couple has a wedding ceremony everyone celebrates.

All are happy, but only the brides father still feels displeased with the son-in-law.

For the father, the groom tries hard to resolve his emotion.

Though every way, but it does not work!

A special guest appears, refreshing up the atmosphere!

Finally, its time to throw the bouquet

Oh My God! Accidentally, the bouquet falls into the fathers hands.

       Would they finish their wedding in one piece?