Korea Food Expo 2011 (KFE 2011), sponsored by the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, opened at the Coex convention center from November 9 to 12. KFE 2011, the third food industry trade show of 2011, unfolded under the theme of "K-Food," which refers to the Korean "well-being" trend of healthy cooking and eating.  Over 700 food companies from 33 countries took part in the event, with 1,800 booths spread out over the four halls of Coex. An estimated 150,000 people attended the eight different fairs and exhibitions, which included a makgeolli expo, a rice fair, a premium agrostock fair, the International Food Fair and the Seoul Cooking Show.  The Seoul Cooking Show included contests for foreigners living in Korea and for women from multicultural households, who competed to display their skills at cooking Korean food. A performance by K-pop group Super Junior and a demonstration by American chef Angelo Sosa, of "Top Chef"fame, attracted diverse audiences. On the last day of the event, the 1st Asian Food Forum invited a panel of experts and professionals to discuss the topic of globalization of the Asian food industry. (Photos: Yonhap News)

Kwon Jungyun
Korea.net Staff Writer
[Source: Korea.net]