Genre Non-Verbal Performance
Duration Open Run
Location Seoul Cinema 5F
Performance time

Mon – Sun & National Holiday : 17:00 , 20:00

Ticket Price V seat : 50,000won
S seat : 40,000won


ACTION DRAWING [HERO] is a form of performance that has cast ART as its main character.  Never before used in Korea, state-of-the-art editing techniques and mind-blowing special effects create a spectacular drawing performance. Over ten masterpieces your will never be able to see a museum nor an art gallery will please your sense throughout the entire 80 minutes of the show.


Find your hero at ACTION DRAWING [HERO]

No matter how old, everyone is bound to have at least one “hero” hidden deep in his or her heart. ACTION DRAWING [HERO] would like to bring out that hero and the child in you on to the stage. This extraordinary 80-minute-long show will make you feel like a kid again, and the excitement will last until even after the show.  Bringing out the hero in you, experiencing a magical moment through your hero, refueling your life with energy through a magical experience, and much more is waiting for you at ACTION DRAWING [HERO].


1. The theme of ACTION DRAWING [HERO] is "Hero". 

The famous heroes of the world are re-born on the stage through 10 different painting technique.

2. An art performance collaborated with dance and comedy!

You can see dynamic and dramatic live painting show with the performance of actors.

3. Projection Mapping

It's the technique that shows images on the wall by huge digital projector.

As a first user(team) of this technique on the korean stage, ACTION DRAWING [HERO] shows sophisticated 3D displays-stage.

4. Fun Audience Participation

Actors and audiences make the show together in ACTION DRAWING [HERO] !

5. ACTION DRAWING [HERO] touched the world!

World including Singapore, China, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Hongkong gave big applause. They said HERO has new & fresh contents which can change diversely.

Open-run performance in Seoul, ACTION DRAWING [HERO] continue to evolve until it’ll be the best show in the world.