As a response to heightened global interest in Korea's exemplary response to COVID-19, the government on Oct. 12 published the English-language book "All About Korea's Response to COVID-19."

The government has published an English-language book that comprehensively outlines the country's systematic response to COVID-19.

Given rising global interest in Korea's exemplary fight against the pandemic, the book "All About Korea's Response to COVID-19" was released on Oct. 12. 

The book is targeted at both foreign policymakers and readers and provides an overall view of Korea's quarantine system.

It gives a detailed explanation of progress in the development of Korea's response to COVID-19, the national response system for the pandemic and its operation, the government's "3T (test, trace and treatment)" approach, and immigration and screening measures.

The book cites the core values of K-quarantine as "openness, transparency, civic engagement and innovativeness" and mentions the social environment factors that form the cornerstone of the country's COVID-19 response system, including its experience with and handling of MERS, advanced information and communications technology, and public participation.

The book is available in the link below or the section titled "Korea's Response to COVID-19" on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' English-language website.