Thank you very very much for getting me in touch with this wonderful family in Jeonju. My stay with them, albeit short, was one of the highlights of my trip to Korea.

I am very satisfied with your service and obviously I can’t think of any inconveniences.

My host family treated me really well - they picked me up from the train station, offered a delicious dinner and breakfast and snack at home. In addition, a family member spent the whole morning driving me around Jeonju and guiding me in the hanok village. He didn’t want to admit it, but I guess he neglected his work in order to accompany me. It was a great chance to get an insight in a life of a Korean family. I’ll stay in touch with them and hope to meet them again. The only (minor) problem was an imperfect communication due to a language barrier - we had to rely on my imperfect Korean rather then on their English. Still, the warm welcome which I got from them compensated for any communication problems.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the experience and I will definitely use HomestayKorea during my next visit.